February 24, 2017New album Drive released

Pleased to announce the release of my newest album Drive.

Andy Mason, Vocals/Guitar
Lea Grant, Vocals
John Howard, Pedal Steel

Recorded and produced by Alex James Muscat at 7th Chord Studios. All songs written and copyright by Andrew Thomas Mason. Cover design and photography by Andy Mason. Cowboy "Andy Mason" - photograph by Jessica Atup. Cowboy image design by Mark Tolsted. This album is dedicated to M. Bianca.

February 23, 2017Song licensing available soon

As fans and friends have asked if they can use my songs as soundtracks to videos and film, I am pleased announce that my entire catalog of songs will soon be available for licensing.

... wedding videos, family reunion videos, company or school projects, vacation slideshows, etc.

If you are interested - just let me know.


December 28, 2011Check out my new YouTube video featuring Sorry from Rural Sun

August 02, 2011Live Music!! "National Night Out" Tuesday Audust 2nd, 2011...Oakland, Ca

Hello All!!

It has been a while....I hope you are all enjoying more typical summer weather...

I am playing an outdoor neighborhood gig next tuesday called...

"National NIGHT OUT"
7 - 9 PM
700 Canyon Oaks Dr Oakland, Ca 94605 (At the pool....)
The beautiful majestic backdrop is the Leona Canyon Nature Trail, part of the East Bay Regional Parks.
sponsored by....
Ridgemont at Skyline
Condominium Neighborhood Watch Group
I will be running sound and performing at 7...

come join us at the pool for an evening of BBQ food and fun, with live music (me...Andy Mason-Plus Random Beats)!

Hope all is well....

It's gonna be a hoot!!

Andy Mason

June 03, 2011Thanks For Attending “Oakland under 100" Event!!

Hello All:

Thanks again to all the folks who came out last night!! The “Oakland under 100$" Event at the Temescal Art Center in Oakland, Ca was a smashing success!!

I especially want to thank: Collin, Reza, Linda, Renato (Nos Irmao Brasileiro), Lyn, Kevin, Roy, Bridget (for helping promote the event) Dave, Nicole, Todd, Danny, Anne, Emily Coker (Event Organizer), Matt (for runnin’ sound) Steffy Sue on the Uke!, Karry Walker & Michael Mellender (Microlash) and the Ukaladies Strumming Club..

Thanks again for attending and supporting the arts...

Talk to you soon…

Andy Mason

April 29, 2011Rural Sun released - now available online

* Side Saddle
* Sorry That I Love You
* Vultures
* Simply You
* Da Presidente
* Words
* Sue Me

Vocals and Acoustic/Electric Guitars - Andy Mason
Bass - Roy Elder
Percussion - Sam De Twilst
Additional Vocals - Rossana Schneider
Trumpet - Mike Loughlin
Pedal and Lap Steel Guitars courtesy of John Howard

Special Thanks to Cee, Shaan, 'The Plant', Thkfngz, Frosh, ArLo, Seth, Da Prez, M. Saunders, Ship, Stevo and Bababerz, Linda, and Pete and Anne.

Insert photograph courtesy of Clarissa Mendoza; Wood grain photograph courtesy of Andy Mason; Album title "Rural Sun" courtesy of M. Saunders.

Recorded and Mastered by Alex James Muscat from Last Stop Records in San Francisco, California.

March 05, 2011Very Grateful

Very Grateful to have my folks, wife, friends, musician buddies, Bird by Bird, Fleeting Trance and Mark Bernal at the Utah last Night...What a Hoot!

January 27, 2011Bistro in Hayward!! Friday Night! Hoptown, Jeff Cotton and I...

Hello all!!

I know it's been a while....how have you all been?

I am doing some recording of new songs and I am an Uncle again-"Isla Berlin" is an awesome little cherub. When I get a chance-Its "Off to Colorado I go!" that could totally be a song lyric..anyways She is truly precious!

p.s. I have a gig tommorrow!!

Friday, January 28 · 9:00pm - 11:00pm:

Andy Mason(Me...opening the gig at 9pm)
Jeff Cotton

At The Bistro in Hayward!! which is on B Street.

It is gonna be a hoot!


Andy Mason

October 03, 2010Piano Chords (Live at the Hotel Utah, San Francisco)

Just uploaded to the website - a live recording of Piano Chords at the Hotel Utah, San Francisco. Featuring Jesse Dyen (piano), Todd Shipley (bass) and GG Tanaka (drums). Recording courtesy of JJ Schultz (http://theutah.org).

April 02, 2010Thanks for attending the El Rio, SF CD Release Show!!

Hello All:

Much thanks to all the folks who came out and watched Kristina Bennet, Fleeting Trance and I rock the El Rio last night!!

Thanks to the following: Linda, Lyn, Del and Ann, Gissella, James, Jack, Todd, Lea, Jesse, Manny, Daren, Kooz, Scotty, Tony, Balbo, Billy, Sunit, and all other who made it out last night.

A special thanks to all the folks who picked up a copy of my EP Contra Costa. A buck from each EP went to the Saint Vincent De Paul Feed the Poor Program..a great, well run charitable organization.

Thanks again to Roger Rocha, Scott Simmons, Jesse Dyen, Lea Grant, and Quinn Wong who helped make this CD with me. I appreciate all your hard work in this musical project.

If you missed the gig....here is the link for the EP Andy Mason "Contra Costa"...MP3 downloads and actual CDs as well...


Thanks for coming out and supporting,

Andy Mason

March 31, 2010Great Show Tommorrow Night!!

Hello All:

Great Show Tommorrow Night!!

I am inviting you all to the Andy Mason CD Release Party Thursday, 4/1 at the El Rio, San Francisco. with Fleeting Trance, and Kristina Bennett.

The EP I am releasing is called:

Andy Mason "Contra Costa"

The front and back cover features some stone wall photos of Foz do Iquazu, Brasil taken by a great local San Francisco Native photogragher friend and travel chum, Quinn Wong! Thanks Bro!!

Our trip down there was a hoot!..."Rockeando con Spidee!!"

I also wanted to mention that a dollar from each purchase of the EP goes to the San Vincent De Paul "Feed the Poor Program" A great well organized charitable organization.

see you there!

Andy Mason

March 26, 2010Available at shows - Andy Mason's 3rd CD - Contra Costa!

Contra Costa by Andy Mason

Featuring - Turned to Stone, Apples N' Oranges, Civil War Letters

Vocals, Rhythm Guitar: Andy Mason Piano: Jesse Dyen / Vocals: Lea Grant / Additional Guitars: Roger Rocha / Cover photographs taken in Fox do Iguacu in the state of Parana, Brasil; courtesy of Quinn Wong / Recorded by Scott Simmons / Mixed by Roger Rocha at Goldenheart Manor, San Francisco, California / A dollar from the purchase of this CD goes to the Saint Vincent De Paul, Feed the Poor Program, www.svdpusa.org.

February 21, 2010Much Thanks for Attending Oakland at the Lounge 3411 Gig!!

Much Thanks to all who came to last night's gig in Oakland at the Lounge 3411.

Much Thanks to the performers: Bright Blues (w/ Andrew Skewes-Cox), Me, Elektriksunset (w/ Joe Gusich-Who MC'd a bit at the end of my set-way to step up to the plate..your a class act..) , Ziva, The Real Tom Thunder.

Thanks to Helen, Balbo, Todd, Dwayne, Bridge, Klaus(thanks to you and Gusich helping troubleshoot a faulty cable.. good field engineering in my book!), Tyler(I cant wait for the new CD!), and all others who endured the unpredictable weather and made last night a success...

Despite runnin a fever..and being a little worn out..I think I did all right..

Muito Obrigado and a big Andy Mason bearhug to my big Sister Lisa...I know its cold out there and we all miss you here in California...

ten 4...roger..

Andy Mason

January 25, 2010Digital downloads of Stories Told now available online

Digital downloads of Stories Told are now available online at CD Baby.

December 20, 2009Thanks for attending My B-Day plus Dec. 26th Show!!‏

Hello all:

I hope all is peachy with you...

I want to thank the following people who came out to my 34th B-Day party last night at Lingba Lounge, SF. I love that place, especially the monkey painting in the back, the bamboo lamps and the giant forest of plants near the entrance. Plus for being in SF the parking is not super lame, so I felt more than OK about inviting everybody for my second birthday party there.

Thanks to: Michael, Theresa, Maureen(Beaglet), Jeff, Linda, Lyn, Meghan, Anne, Collin, Rob Lo, Tommy, Jay Ma, Sam, Mark, Ed, Benzo, Stevo, Shaan.

Thanks a million It was fun.

Also dont forget after you've all gorged on Christmas ham, come on down to Becketts on 2771 Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley Sat December 26th at 10pm:

GG Tanaka and friends: John Howard, Andy Mason, Jesse Dyen, Todd Shipley, Dave Gursom, Theresa S, and Roger Rocha

Its gonna be a hoot!


Andy Mason

December 11, 2009Andy Mason "Dark Eyed Junco" Youtube Nature Video‏

Hey all

This collaborative video features the Andy Mason tune "Dark Eyed Junco" from Stories Told(2008). It also features a photo slideshow featuring pictures of an actual Dark Eyed Junco taken in the wild at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Ca by the talented nature photogragher Daniel Aguagil. Bridget Canfield from 200Pockets.com provided creative input as well helped create the nifty slideshow.

just click into youtube.com and copy this link

or just type in:

andy mason "dark eyed junco"

It should be downloadable for you all soon.

but if you are dying to watch it now, just follow the above steps.


stay warm

andy mason

November 28, 2009Thanks to all who took part in the Canned Food Drive last night!


I hope you are all well into a turkey sandwich and a good book. Perhaps a tasty glass of EggNog. I like to add a little milk. Lets face it...its way too sweet right out of the carton.

Anyways...I want to thank all who took part in the Canned Food Drive last night at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco, Ca last night!!

It was a great success!! I am glad that people brought lots of cans and non perishable goods. The fact of the matter is there is so much need out there. And what we can give on an individual level to support local SF Bay Area Food Banks, really does make a difference. We made a "dent" in the ever growing need in our local community. Thank you.

Thanks to the performers:

Electric Sunset, Fancy Dan Band, Hoptown

Much thanks to Joe Gusich for arranging the gig and playing some accordian with me. You Rock!!

Thanks to those who came on down:

Del, Lyn, Brett, Linda, Theresa, Constantine, Candace, Todd(thanks for helpin with the cans bucket...you rock), Collin, Roy(Prefrosh-Welcome home bro), Jay Ma, Jeff, and Tiki and all others..I hope you had a great time.

Thanks to the staff at the Utah: Laura(like the greatest bartender ever), Dylan(checkin the door), Jeff(thanks for runnin great sound-that mike was hot) and Piper(welcome back from Costa Rica..Pura vida!!)

Thanks again,

Andy Mason

P.S. Convince your buddies to join my guestbook...

November 24, 2009“Canned Food Drive Musical Concert” Friday Nov. 27th-4th and Bryant SF, Ca 94109

Hello All Humans!! + Tyrone and Kiton

Friday, Nov. 27th, My friends I are putting on a “Canned Food Drive Musical Concert".

So, If you do get a chance to get away from turkey sandwich leftovers and college football games, the day after Thanksgiving. We hope you can make it! It is for a good cause.

5 dollar admission-minus 1 dollar for a canned food item (or non-perishable good)-Benefits the San Francisco Food Bank

Here is the lineup of musical acts:

Hoptown, Fancy Dan Band, Elektrik Sunset, Andy Mason: Live Gobble Gobble

Friday November 27, 2009 (8:00PM)

The Hotel Utah 500 4th St.(Cross St. Bryant) San Francisco , California 94109

Gonna be a hoot!!

Andy Mason

November 14, 2009Attn Bay Area Musicians: Lets Do Some Canned Food Drives!!

Attn Bay Area Musicians:

I am just reading this article from the Sf Gate-a buddy had just sent me this. The figures are astounding as far as poverty in our very own San Francisco Bay Area goes.

I think as bay area artists, we have the power as well as duty to collaborate and really make a difference. Fleeting Trance and myself and other acts and you the patrons raised over 50 cans last year at just one singular event. I am not the best at booking shows-but I am one hell of a promoter...so lets collaborate if you are interested...

Lets get involved...



Andy Mason

November 02, 2009Ola Meus Amigos..

Ola Meus Amigos..

I am super excited to show to all of you, my loyal email friends, family and international folk music fans, the interview I did in Portugal at Radio Universidade Do Coimbra(R.U.C.). The interview is under the "links" tab. Please click on interviews....its a hoot!!

I want to personally thank Pedro Lavoura Santos and Ines Rodrigues from RUC for hosting the interview live at the station. You guys kept it easy going and you asked great questions. I really appreciate the warm welcome to your country. I really hope you enjoy your Andy Mason apparel as well.

Much thanks to Collin Wong, who has traveled to much of the world with me-including the interview on the mountaintopped University at Coimbra.

Portugal is a beautiful place. Truly a land I will soon not forget. It is gorgeous beyond imagination. The marble tilework alone in the streets is beautiful especially Barro Alto/Baixa. Miradouro up near our neighborhood at Alfama has an adjacent church which lights up at night and is it is simply spectacular.

Bridget Canfield...thanks again for being a beacon in our San Francisco Bay Area musical community and helping me create a link to this on the website. You Rock

a Tudos a meus Amigos Portugueses...

eu preciso dizer Muito Obridgado..


Andy Mason

October 03, 2009Thanks to all who came out last night!

Much thanks to Shaan and crew, Collin, Todd, Manny and all of Fleeting Trance, Alex from Last Stop Records and John Predny and crew for making last nights gig a real hoot!!

October 02, 2009Andy Mason's Photos - Andy Mason T-shirts Album Fotos!!

July 18, 2009check out my Buenos Aires, Argentina video...

June 26, 2009Goin' Back Home, v1 by Quickstar Productions

Teatime - now available as part of the Goin' Back Home compilation album by Quickstar Productions!

June 22, 2009T-shirts for sale @Heartware

Hello All:

I hope you are enjoying the "somewhat" normal june weather we are having here in the bay.

First off, I would like to take the opportunity to give a big congrats to my kid sister Theresa and my Gal Linda for graduating Law School from SFLS recently. That is quite a feat considering its a night program.... Mad props yo....10-4..

Finally, I would like to mention that. that Andy Mason "Stories Told" CD's and Girl's American Apparel Tank Tops are for sale at:

6309 College Avenue. @63rd.
Oakland, Ca 94618

Mon-Sat 10-7
Sun 10-5

June 17, 2009East Bay Express! - Your Daily Lick: Andy Mason

There's something about the harmonica, especially in folk music, that slays the soul. Bob Dylan knew it, when he'd leave his words hanging for a harp solo, and so does East Bay singer-songwriter Andy Mason, whose pop sensibility and troubadour personality are bridged by infrequent but beautiful harmonica swells throughout this solid sophomore effort.

— Nate Seltenrich

May 30, 2009Martinez News Gazette Review!

by caroompas

Martinez resident Andy Mason has just released “Stories Told," his second CD, featuring, like his first, guitar, vocals and harmonica. His songs are based on what he sees in front of him, and where those sights take his mind. When you talk about songwriters, and especially those who use real life and harmonica as templates, the comparison is naturally to Bob Dylan. Several reviewers have noted that Andy’s harp solos sound much like early Dylan harp solos, and of course, if you strap on the harmonica on its holder and play it while you play guitar, you’re going to also sound like early Dylan harmonica playing. This can or cannot be a good thing, depending on your point of view. Many people love that sound, many do not.

Andy also approaches vocals and phrasing like early Bob, a choice that is risky, to say the least, because if you love Bob, you don’t want to invite comparisons to one of the unquestioned masters of the folk scare of the early 1960s. But Andy does go down that road, and he does a fair job of handling the task of singing his tunes well enough. There is a raw approach he uses, a punctuation to the lyrics that is sometimes unexpected, and not unexpected. Andy, being local, also writes about local themes, like beavers, as well as issues like the Iraq war. A pretty wide range of song topics, to be sure. His songs are worth listening to, written with care and enthusiasm, sung with a laid-back bravado, and his guitar work is just right to support the song and singer.

If you’re interested in purchasing “Songs from Town," his first CD, or “Stories Told," his latest, you can find them on iTunes, or CDBaby. You can also order from Andy’s Web site, www.andy-mason.com. You can also see him perform on You Tube. Support your local musicians.

May 29, 2009Radio Calvia Spanish Radio Interviews!!!!



The spanish radio interviews I did remotely from the Beautiful Mediterranean Island of Mallorca(Espana) have been finally posted on the website!!

Much Thanks to Bernardo and Carmen, from Radiocalvia.com from the town of Calvia, just 6 miles west from the capital of that Island, Palma de Mallorca. The Island being of course Mallorca. Its the Largest of the Baleric Islands. Followed by Minorca, obviously smaller, and finally Ibiza, or "Ibitha"..I went there when i was like 25...cool beans if you like trance music......unc...unc...unc....those were the days...

They asked a series of questions about my tunes, life, inspirations and what not. My spanish was a little choppy in parts, but they were gracious hosts....and kept the ball rolling throughout the 45 minutes...

To get there follow the path from the Main Page:

1) click "enter" from the main page photo
2) click on the right side "Quicklinks to News"
3) when the Pod Cast Starts-click Pause or stop
4) Scroll down to Radio Calvia "video 1" and listen to the introduction and play them sequentially...Video 1, 2, 3...etc..it will make more sense..

** You can also click on the MP3 icon and save the MP3 to your ipod of MP3 player!


Also if you are on Facebook-add "RadioCalvia" as a friend...they are good people..


disfrutalo ya!!!

Andy Mason


May 25, 2009Thanks for help with "Glowin Ember" video....‏

Hey All:

Much thanks for all for came out last night and helped out with the initial filming of my tune "Glowin Ember" at 1/4 lb. Burger in Martinez, Ca.

It was a Lot of fun!!

I think it came off pretty well, considering Slim and I had "storyboarded" the original video concept only once. There are several pictures of this setup and "storyboard" on my facebook page, if you are interested in...

Much thanks to these Folks:

Slim: Camera, Lighting, Direction
Todd: Creative Director, Acting
Jen and Her friends: Acting, Extras, Dancing
Dan: Extra, great shirt by the way....
Dave and Geneen: Extras, enjoying a tasty burger...

Thanks again,

It was a hoot!!!

P.S. I will have T-shirts ready soon.....what's your size...

Andy Mason

May 21, 2009"TeaTime" featured on QuickStar Production's Goin Back Home compilation CD

May 18, 2009Thanks


Thanks again for attending last night's MJHS benefit show in balmy Martinez Ca last night.!!

It was a great turnout and the proceeds go to benefit a great local public school. My alma mater...as they say...cuz i went there when i was a lil tike. I wonder if they still have a woodshop program...my mom still has a duck stamp holder i made her in like seventh grade.

Anyways, a big Andy Mason "Bear Hug" thanks to everyone who made it out:

Kristi, LInda, Glenn and Tami, Dave and Geneen, Bill, Sal, Shelton, James and Teresa, Steve Star, Rick, Kimi, and everyone else...it was a hoot...but if i left if you off forgive me....

P.S. I play at Armandos in Martinez this..wed. the 2Oth....I also am filming a video at 1/4 lb burger on pacheco blvd. on sunday may 24th...

I also will be radio interviewed from Mallorca(espana) coming up shortly. I will keep posted on that on my website as well...

Thanks Again,

Andy Mason

May 15, 2009May 20th at Armandos!!! Martinez Ca

Hello Again,

I am super excited to be playing wednesday night at:

Marina Blvd.
Martinez, Ca 94553

with The Alhambra Valley Band and The Hopeful Roamin Tics..

they have got great sound and a very attentive crowd....i cant wait...

Thanks Again....

Andy Mason

May 15, 2009MJHS Benefit Concert this Sunday!!! plus more...

All Andy Mason Fans:

I am playing a MJHS benefit show with some other local great acts at College Lane on Ferry St. in my hometown of Martinez, Ca. The money raised will benefit Martinez Junior High School educational programs. I am proud to be supporting a great public school, that I attended when i was a tike..

I believe things start around noon. It is gonna be a hoot!!

before i forget

And next Thursday, I will be playing with the Fancy Dan Band, Nomi and Hello, Harbinger, at the legendary Starry Plough in Berkeley.

Thursday, May 21
The Starry Plough
3101 Shattuck Ave.
with Andy Mason and Nomi and Hello, Harbinger and the Fancy Dan Band..

May 06, 2009"Andy Mason is here to stay." - Maverick Magazine, June 2009

Last Stop Records LSR-142

With its peaceful groove and guitar picking that grabs you by the jugular from the off, this is an album certainly worth each and every penny
Hailing from California and with all tracks written by him, this debut album by Andy Mason sure is something else. Any music fan knows that the Golden State has been home to some most excellent bands over the years and on the basis of STORIES TOLD I cannot see why he can’t join the realms of the true greats.

Beginning quite like Bob Dylan, with harmonica sounding as though being played whilst positioned on a holder, Mason’s vocals on Dark Eyed Junco may be a tad higher than what Dylan sounded like in his prime but Andy has a message to tell the world and does it with such style. Likewise can be said with Teatime. Beginning with harmonica once more, it seems Andy certainly likes to include a heck of a lot of harmonica in his tracks and who can blame him, the guitar picking is most gracious and indeed superb. Simple it may be, but certainly worthy of being regarded as highly laudable. With its summer sound, Grandfather’s Eyes recounts of past times with such ease and passion that you can see quite a lot of personal memory was used in order for Mason to write this track. Like many of us who have lost those who are dear to our hearts, Mason seems to have adapted his own life experiences in order to create a quite beautiful track which is deserved of being played to an attentive and appreciative audience.

Despite the album being only nine tracks in length, it crams an awful lot of material into this short space of time. Many artists who produce great debut albums often fade into the twilight and are no longer to be seen again; Andy Mason is no one-hit wonder and is here to stay. RH

April 24, 2009Stories Told - a review by Toxic Pete (UK)

'Stories Told' is the new album from Californian folk troubadour Andy Mason; featuring pretty-much stripped back to bare bones instrumentation, 'Stories Told' is a deep and meaningful work about life's trials and tribulations from one singer/songwriter's point of view. Maybe not quite 'protest' songs but getting close!

Andy Mason sings with infectious simplicity as he 'cries' out his lyrics against empathetically restrained guitars and harmonica. Bitter-sweet additional sentiment is occasionally added via dobro and keyboards but generally this is an album about one man and his songs. And, what a great job Mason does here; his style is pretty unique and it conjures up pictures of man and guitar sitting in rocking chair on the porch, guitar in hand, singing to the moon.

This is a very chilled work that errs on the country-blues side of acoustic folk. Mason's songs are delivered with a gritty honesty and surprising clarity allowing the listener to see inside the songs and feel the sentiment along with the artist. Nothing's rushed, there's no unnecessary clutter and nothing's over-stretched, 'Stories Told' is just about as real as it gets and benefits greatly from its laid bare and cleverly open production; Andy Mason tells it like it is and allows you to get in close and really feel his songs and live in them.

Listening to 'Stories Told' by Andy Mason is like listening to a modern-day Woody Guthrie; songs that are instrumentally spacious yet punctuative, lyrics that are poignant and meaningful and a delivery that's honest and heartfelt. 'Stories Told' by Andy Mason is a gloriously easy, timeless sounding album to sit and think about as you let it's subtle beauty waft around you and work its magic - stripped-back maybe but no less hard-hitting and tangible for all its realism - mean and damn dirty nu-folk with country undercurrents and blues nuances - really cool stuff this and one that I'll be re-visiting quite often if only to get myself a reality check!

April 20, 2009UK CD review!!!

hey all,

hope you are enjoying the warm weather...

I wanted to let you know that me latest CD "Andy Mason Stories Told" has been reviewed in the UK ....the magazine "Americana UK" wrote up a great review...this is my first english language review...the netherlands reviews im sure are the bomb-but i dont speak dutch...im workin on that...

thanks again for your support ..

love you guys...

andy mason

here is the link:


April 05, 2009Stories Told - a review by americanaUK

Andy Mason “Stories Told" (Last Stop Records, 2008)

Folky slices of life from San Francisco warbler.

By Paul Kerr

This second album from San Francisco based folkie Mason is a low-key affair with nine songs that stand up well to repeated listens. The prominent sounds are Mason’s acoustic guitar and harmonica. On various songs he is joined by pedal steel, dobro, and keyboards, all done very tastefully.

The first thing that strikes the listener is his voice. A close cousin to that of Devandra Barnhart’s (although without the irritating Larry the Lamb tremolo) it takes a little getting used to but once over that his plaintive tones are exactly suited to his songs. At times the harmonica playing is reminiscent of early Dylan, gushing over the music in a shambolic yet effective way. Writing about small slices of life he captures instances as if they were written by the likes of Raymond Carver. An example of this is “Piano Chords" where a series of vignettes are related in a slurred beat dialogue. This is followed by a perfect piece of wheezed harmonica over expressive guitars. “Dark Eyed Junco" is treated to sound as if it’s an old crackled vinyl track. Overall a very nice album and recommended if you dig folky tales well told.

March 25, 2009CD: Andy Mason - a review by AltCountry (Netherlands)

[Translated by worldlingo.com]

Last Stop Records from San Francisco brings Andy Mason's Stories spun to us. Mason is a politically engaged singer-songwriter which already a half dozen has cd on its name stand on which he reads on traditional folkblues shoed its songs for the voetlicht brings. Andy Mason has the same dragging, lijzige voice sound as fellow record label artist JJ Schultz. It is a type folkstem - Dylan, Woody Guthrie - which pleases me. Nine socially moved songs move themselves between intimate, sensitive ballads and more passionate road songs where the lack of drums is absolutely no objection. Mason are appropriate years sixty San Francisco to old-fashioned tradition of beginning in a type, beatpoets and folksingers in coffee houses. It musical not hemelbestormend, but there assumes good vibe Stories has been spun. Available at Cd baby.

[In Dutch] -

Het kleine Last Stop Records-label uit San Francisco brengt Andy Masons Stories Told tot ons. Mason is een politiek geëngageerde singer-songwriter die al een half dozijn cd’s op zijn naam heeft staan waarop hij op een traditionele folkblues geschoeide leest zijn liedjes voor het voetlicht brengt. Andy Mason heeft hetzelfde slepende, lijzige stemgeluid als labelgenoot JJ Schultz. Het is een soort folkstem - Dylan, Woody Guthrie - die mij bevalt. De negen sociaal bewogen songs bewegen zich tussen intieme, gevoelige ballads en meer gedreven roadsongs waarbij het gebrek aan drums geen enkel bezwaar is. Mason past in een soort ouderwetse traditie van begin jaren zestig San Francisco, beatpoets en folksingers in koffiehuizen. Het is muzikaal niet hemelbestormend, maar er gaat een goede vibe uit van Stories Told. Verkrijgbaar bij Cd Baby.

February 18, 2009KALZ interview now available

An interview I did with Bison Run on KALX radio on January 31, 2009 is now available online. Download into your iPod or MP3 player. Listen at your leisure

January 26, 2009Thanks for attending sunday's show!!

Hey all

just wanted to thank everyone who attended my show at Skyline Pizza last night.. I want to thank George, Ursula, linda(my doll), Theresa(thanks for lendin the steam cleaner..you got my back..and for burnin me tha salsa mix...it was a nice groove)..Irine and her BF Sonny, Meghanomics and Filipo, Dan, Kristi, Todd(thanks for helpin with sound bro..), Bridget and her two daughters(i appreciate ya'll drivin from Davis to see the show..im so glad you made it), Mom and Dad(my dad played great piano...our "key of C-medley" went great..Lyn(bummed Kiton couldnt make it) ,Meghan, Candace, Anne, Reza and his friend, Fancy Dan, Stevo(your boy blue), annie the space pup(who normally is terrified by my tunes...really surprised you made it)....Balbo...thanks for playin harp cuz..

i apologize if i left anyone off the list..kinda beat today....i also wanted thank the staff at Skyline Pizza who took care of us and were overwelmed by the turnout....im proud to say that i broke the place in for this sort of entertainment..

Tony from Skyline Pizza was thrilled by the turnout..and was bummed he couldnt make it..he and i are already cookin something up for next time

thanks again,


January 17, 2009Stories Told (CD) now available on CDBaby!

My second CD - Stories Told is now available on CDBaby.com.

January 03, 2009Stories Told - just released

I am pleased to announce that my second CD - Stories Told is in final production and very soon I will be scheduling CD release events in San Francisco, the east bay and my hometown of Martinez.

This album is dedicated to all my friends and family who are so supportive of my musicial endeavors.


December 10, 2008This Friday @The BrainWash Cafe

Looking forward to performing at the Last Stop Records Artist showcase at the BrainWash Cafe in San Francisco this Friday evening.

Great cafe with good food and drinks. This show is both free admission and all ages!

October 14, 2008Beer Drinkin' Acoustic Night

Tomorrow night - Wednesday, October 15th - you'll find me performing at JJ Schultz's monthly showcase at the Hotel Utah, San Francisco. Sharing the bill withe me is Koozito, the JJ Schultz Band and Oona. Admission: $5. Hope to see you there!

Check out the poster design in the photo gallery.

August 20, 2008East Bay Express Award for Martinez beavers


The East Bay Express Awarded the Martinez beavers for "most watchable wildlife" for the East Bay's Best of the Bay....amazing!! come watch these amazing rodents in action around dusk in downtown martinez near Bertolas restaurant..

"jus dont kill them beavers....they got work to do...."


andy mason

May 18, 2008thanks for attending the show!!


much thanks for all the friends and family who came out to watch us last night at the hotel utah sf. It was a warm crisp evening with plenty of great tunes and musical collaboration...love you guys...

andy mason featuring todd shipley+Jesse
JJ Schultz
Fleeting Trance
& GG Tanaka Electric Band

March 09, 2008Thanks for coming!!!!


much thanks to all who attended the show at becketts last night. dave g."deisel" is the ultimate bass player and was more than a great accompaniment on my set. Also much props to Adam Balbo who played harp on alhambra way with me you rock.... GG Tanaka's violent fems tribute band was awesome....and Dave G. finished the night off perfectly with a great set of tunes.....

thanks to all who bought andy mason t-shirts-i almost sold out the stash....


andy mason

March 04, 2008Andy Mason T-Shirts for sale


I know this is blatant self promotion but yes ive made t-shirts for my old album "andy mason songs from town"-im currently recording my new cd with dave reep over at nomadic recordings in west oakland....its gonna be a hoot

where can i get one???

Becketts Irich Pub in berkeley off shattuck avenue

saturday night 8pm-ill be opening up for the GG tanaka band-there a rockin..

andy mason

February 21, 2008My next show

My next show - Tuesday, February 26th @8pm - McGrath's Irish Pub, Alameda, California. Free admission. Hope to see you there.
- Andy

January 29, 2008Songs From Town at Good Stuff, Martinez


Andy Mason Songs From Town for sale

at Good Stuff Music in Martinez CA on Main Street...

Good Stuff is a great place for showcasing local music and has a variety of new and used gear to choose from...

.....in the back is a wall with local artist's posters and gig postings....

come by and say hi....

January 19, 2008Canned Food Drive Show Success!!!


last nights show at the edinburgh castle in SF was a hoot

thanks to all my coworkers, friends, family for attending and donating canned goods to benefit sf local food bank...

thanks again emily ritz,adambalbo, and dave reep for a solid performance on stage and helping in this collaborative effort...you guys rock....

good stuff


November 08, 2007Andy Mason Pro Beaver family song - CBS/KTVU

all i wrote a song called "dont kill them beavers" about the locla beaver family that built a dam in my hometown of martinez california. the beavers were slated for a grim demise-but due to our outrage they will be relocated so i decided to wrote a protest song-its what i do best..... ..... i love martinez thats all right with me

September 16, 2007Andy Mason on payplay.fm


Im on payplay.fm you can here sound clips of my tunes


its kinda like cd baby-but more for MP3s not actual cds.......

give it a listen-thanks for supporting me

have a good sunday-off to see Fancy Dan play at Thee Parkside SF 5pm


August 30, 2007Thanks for attending show at beale st. SF


Much thanks to all who came out and supported local artists at the beale street bar SF. A great night and a supportive crowd.

A special thanks to my friends that stayed up late to watch me play super late-Collin w, tommy, rob lo, joceyln, beth D. Miriam, T. Shipley, M. Ling, Lea G.Trevor C., Alex and all others who i might have forgotten to mention--you guys rock!!!!

Much thanks for Ronnie Cato who organized all this, and to Tony who had us play at his bar last night

Pat Parra
Will Harrison
Ronnie Cato
Emily Ritz
Andy Mason



August 17, 2007New show added - October 13

New show added - Sunday, October 13 - at the Alameda Marketplace Harvest Festival. Noon to 5pm. With Paul Manousos, Todd Shipley and GG Tanaka.

August 10, 2007Panama Bay review...

Hey Andy,

Just want to say how much my friend Deb and I enjoyed your show with Todd on Sunday at the Panama Bay in Concord. The coffee house was a pretty mellow venue for listening to some nice acoustic sounds, which was perfect for us, since we are so very over the mega-concert experience. And we almost had you guys all to ourselves, which we loved, although I'm sure you would've preferred a larger audience. Well, please know that although the numbers were small, the appreciation was huge!

We both bought your CD and agree that it's great - very well done! I've played it over and over and it always makes me smile, especially at Tinez.

You're really very talented, you know. You definitely know what you're doing. We are now your true fans and wish you lots of success, which would be well-deserved. I will let the world know about you.


August 04, 2007gonna be a hoot!!


Please come to either show or both shows manana

08/05/2007 04:00 PM - (4PM) - Panama Bay Coffee, Concord, Ca.
2151 K Salvio Street
Concord, California 91520
Description:Come on out to concord on a balmy sunday-grab some tea and listen to "teatime". The spot is right on Todos Santos park-its gonna be great...i got cds for sale... Andy Mason and Todd Shipley...

08/05/2007 08:00 PM - (10PM) - Becketts Irish Pub, Berkeley, Ca.
Berkeley, California
Description:With Todd Shipley, GG Tanaka and Kevvn4.

gonna be a hoot!!!!!

August 04, 2007In collaboration with rapper Donn West


Im currently in a collab. with LA rapper Donn West. He's got smooth beautiful lyrics and just the swagger to make it look mean... We are looping some of my freelance guitar tracks and modifying to fit particular beats. Lots of fun-and a good musical stretch for me. Its not often a country folk singer can get to collaborate with one of hiphop's up and coming young soldiers. I've got some tracks we've worked on, but im not gonna throw them out there just yet. Were just in the initial stages. When you bump into me-ask me about it-its an exciting project. People might not know this or assume this at first glance that i do like hip/hop and rap in small doses. 2pac(smooth fluid lyrics like he wrote a lot of it just wakin up in the morning-with that hankerchief on his head-i could never pull that off), too short(get in where you fit in-has some of the best base lines ever..... period-and filthy freakin lyrics), dj quick(simple squeaky rymes), ja-zee(massive east coast style horn sections....like the big band era all over again)

anyways look on my myspacemusic page and come to my darn shows-


love you guys-and support local music

andy mason